Becoming a National Certified Guardian

Indiana presently does not require professional guardians to be licensed or certified in any way to serve as guardian for an incapacitated adult.  However, there is a growing trend to promote certification of Indiana guardians.  At present, there is no certifying body for guardians in Indiana, however there is a national certification program in place.

If you would like to become a National Certified Guardian, contact the Center for Guardianship Certification.

Standards of Practice and Ethics

National Guardianship Association Standards of Practice - click here

National Guardianship Association Model Ethics - click here

Indiana State Guardianship Association Standards of Practice - click here

Continuing Education

The Indiana State Guardianship Association provides opportunities for guardians to continue evolving their knowledge. Our sessions are eligible for CEUs.  Details of each event, its CEU value, and the standards covered in the session appear in event promotion.  To view upcoming education sessions, see our Education page or click here.