Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the nationally recognized standard of excellence in guardianship across the state of Indiana.

The ISGA believes that those appointed to the care of guardians, conservators and fiduciaries deserve quality services and that every person should be provided respect, due process, rights, and dignity in guardianship. 

ISGA was incorporated in July 1996 as a nonprofit organization to strengthen guardianship and related services through networking, education, and tracking, and commenting on legislation. It is composed of individuals and organizations throughout the State of Indiana




Appointment of Executive Director.

01/15/2015 - This past December the ISGA Board of Directors approved a management agreement that has resulted in H. Kennard Bennett being appointed Executive Director.  As part of the transition, Bennett has resigned as President of the Board of Directors of the ISGA and a new President is scheduled to be elected at the February 10, 2015 telephonic meeting of the Board of Directors.

Under the ISGA By-Laws, filling an officer vacancy is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.  However, the Board has invited all ISGA members to nominate candidates for the position of ISGA Board President. The deadline to submit nominations is February 3, 2015, by emailing ken@indianacare.org.  All such nominations will be presented to the Board prior to its February 10 meeting.

NGA Standards of Practice

The National Guardianship Association has published the 2013 revised version of the  NGA Standards of Practice which incorporates new concepts on guardianship practice generated at The Third National Guardianship Summit: Standards of Excellence, held in Utah in 2011. Download it here.






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